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Reduce your current expenses with a booth rental

 A trade fair appearance does not necessarily have to be associated with high costs because you can also rent trade fair stands. In this short article, you will find out what advantages the rental of a trade fair stand brings and under which conditions it is more worthwhile to buy a stand. You might be interested in exhibition design Dubai.

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Save investment costs

The main advantage of renting an exhibition stand is obvious: you can save the investment costs of buying the stand. This is particularly interesting for start-ups or smaller companies that want to save on their marketing budget. Exhibitors in whose specialist areas only a few trade fair events are planned are also happy to use trade fair stands for rent. Know more about exhibition stand design.

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Flexible design change

In addition to the cost advantage, the rental of exhibition stand construction also has other benefits. First and foremost, of course, it is about the flexibility and the possibility of choosing a different stand with a new design for each trade fair appearance. So you can try out in a live test which exhibition stand design ideas are best received. A design change is also suitable for companies that like to present themselves in a multifaceted way. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Changeable sizes

Not only the design but also the size of the stand can be adjusted depending on the trade fair appearance. Are your company and your range of products still growing? No problem, the rented booth grows with you. Start small and, after successfully participating in trade fairs, gradually switch to larger dimensions. Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.

International trade fair presence thanks to rental stands

If you take part in a trade fair abroad, it rarely makes sense to take your stand with you. For international trade fair appearances, it is best to choose an agency for trade fair construction that operates internationally and has branches around the world. Your contact person is then in your local branch, speaks your language and understands your requirements, but organizes the rental exhibition stand with the help of colleagues abroad. 

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Uncomplicated solution 

Last but not least, renting a stand is also a very uncomplicated solution because you don't have to worry about anything. Simply have your rented trade fair stand set up on time at the desired location, concentrate on your participation in the trade fair and at the end of the exhibition the rented trade fair stand will of course be dismantled and transported away. This eliminates the question of where and how the stand should be accommodated between the trade fairs. Are you looking for exhibition stand design ideas?.

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Rent or buy an exhibition stand?

But of course, there are also cases in which it is worth investing in buying a trade fair stand. Think of leading companies that are present at numerous trade fairs and that present themselves uniformly worldwide so that they can be recognized at first glance everywhere. For such large corporations, their own and individually designed exhibition stands are a matter of course.  

But for all other exhibitors too, the purchase of a trade fair stand can be worthwhile after a certain number of trade fair appearances. It is best to have your stand construction agency calculate how many trade fair participations are necessary for this.

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Reduce your current expenses with a booth rental

 A trade fair appearance does not necessarily have to be associated with high costs because you can also rent trade fair stands. In this sho...